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FAQ for Authors



Working with Tracy for the Character Couch was an amazing experience. In addition to Tracy putting up with a scatterbrained author, she completely captured my characters and brought their issues out. She was fabulous! She found insight into my characters that I hadn't seen and made me fall in love with them all over again. It was as if she reached into my head and pulled Jack and Emma out for another chapter :)  I loved the entire process. I cannot recommend working with her enough!
USA Today and New York Times bestselling author, Krista Lakes of SALTWATER KISSES, Character Couch alum.

I loved the idea of an alpha male character getting a therapy session! Tracy did a fantastic job staying true to the characters. She clearly showed her connection with the story and I burst out laughing at Robert’s reaction to Maggie going to tea with Fury!  Thank you for letting Robert and Maggie (Desired by Shadow) take a seat on The Character Couch!
Indie Spotlight Author, Cynthia Luhrs of DESIRED BY SHADOW, Character Couch alum.

"What a great experience it was to have Tracy treat my couple. When I finished COLLARED, there was a lingering thought in my mind that Caleb and Harper were going to have to work through more “issues.” How perfect it was for Regan Malloy to get the ball rolling into my novella! I’m even going to mention Regan in CAPTURED! Thanks, Tracy!"
Award-winning author, Zoe Dawson of COLLARED, Character Couch alum.

“When Tracy first contacted me about The Character Couch, I was immediately intrigued! Offering pre-marital counseling to my beloved characters post-book? I loved the concept from the get-go. What made my experience with Tracy all the more fun was her enthusiasm, professionalism and the careful way she handled my ‘babies.’ I loved the session she wrote for Erik and Katrin and it clearly showed how thoroughly she read my book and how much she connected with the characters. Thank you so much, Tracy, for letting Midsummer Sweetheart grace your Couch!”
Award-winning author, Katy Regnery of MIDSUMMER SWEETHEART, Character Couch alum.

“I am amazed at how well Tracy captured not only the essence of my characters, but the atmosphere of the 1800s western town. Once I read her session, I had to go back and read it again. What a fun experience!”
Best-selling author, Hildie McQueen of THE DARKEST BLUE, Character Couch alum.

“The session was BRILLIANT! LOL. Tracy absolutely nailed my characters. Will was perfect. I spewed my Diet Coke when he sang to Randa at the end.”
Award-winning author, Susannah Sandlin of OMEGA, Character Couch alum.

“I know when we write we say that characters take on lives of their own, which they do, although we're still the ones writing it, so to actually see those characters living completely convincing lives without my input is just extraordinary. I feel rather proud of them! I can't thank Tracy enough.”
Best-selling author Hannah Hooton of KEEPING THE PEACE, Character Couch alum.

“Tracy stayed completely true to my characters' voices, which I found incredibly impressive. Honestly, when I read the session, I only wished I would have come up with some of her ideas when I was writing the book!”
Best-selling author Juliette Sobanet of DANCING WITH PARIS, Character Couch alum.