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About Page

Like many romance authors, I’m an avid reader of the genre, and enjoy many different types of stories. Not surprisingly, I’ve always found that the best books linger with me long after I’ve turned the last page. I miss the hero and heroine, think about them, wonder what they’re doing now. These feelings of longing inspired me to start The Character Couch; I wanted fans to be able to check in with their beloved characters between books.

Because that’s exactly what I want as a reader.

The Character Couch is a marriage of two loves for me, those of writing and doing therapeutic work.

I originally chose the field of clinical therapy as a career because I’m fascinated by the human story; everyone has a tale to tell about his or her life. The details of a person’s past invariably affect who they are today, and it’s always been an irresistible challenge to me, figuring out those connections and helping a person understand them. I truly enjoyed my years working in this field.

But my husband is a Navy pilot, and his job moved us to a new location every three years, which made it difficult for me to sustain a client base. “Have computer, will travel,” became my mantra. I turned to writing fiction, where I enjoyed creating the human story on a page, and I’ve never looked back.

In The Character Couch, sessions are changeable and dynamic. Regan may take on the guise of a medicine woman in a historical or a seer in a fantasy or paranormal. The direction of each session, and the fun to be had within it, lies with reader involvement. Please don’t be shy about suggesting a book you think would be an entertaining fit.

Thank you for your interest in The Character Couch. The participating authors and I love to engage with readers. Please join us in a lively discussion of the current session in the comments section at the end. And don’t forget to sign up to be notified of the next session by clicking the Notify Me button at the upper left of the page.

THE BLOODLINE WAR -- Tracy TappanTracy image

Tracy Tappan, founder and creator of The Character Couch, is a multi-genre author of gritty romance. Her latest release in her dark paranormal series, THE BLOODLINE WAR, about an endangered breed of human who are kidnapping genetically enhanced women to save their race, is available now

Visit her website and join her Author Updates to keep abreast of other releases in her paranormal series, her upcoming medieval historical trilogy, and her new pulse-pounding military suspense series.

Tracy loves to connect with readers. Please follow her on Facebook at Tracy Tappan Romance Author and Twitter at @TracyTappan or email her at