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Regan Malloy is a Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist voiced by Tracy Tappan, a romance author who holds a master's degree in MFCC herself. Regan is inserted into different story realms, becoming the Regan Malloy of that time and place, to help fiction’s favorite characters with life’s challenges.

Each month a new couple is brought back to life in a session with Regan Malloy, where fun will ensue. There may be laughter and bantering in one session, heartfelt poignancy in the next. But in every one, the couple leaves the office with their loving connection stronger than ever.

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November, 2014,
Session of The Character Couch

The Curse Keepers -- Denise Grover SwankIndie SpotlightTHE CURSE KEEPERS
By New York Times Bestselling author,
Denise Grover Swank

When the Lost Colony of Roanoke suddenly reappears in North Carolina, Ellie Lancaster knows that the “fairy tales” she’s heard her whole life are true. There is a terrible curse, and now it’s been broken, cracking open the door to Hell. It’s up to her, as a Curse Keeper, to close that portal, but she must join up with fellow Curse Keeper, Collin Dailey, to do so. Arrogant and smart-mouthed, Collin at first infuriates her…until the day she discovers that hidden beneath Collin’s insolence is a man who deeply cares about her. Passion ignites between them, and Collin vows to protect her always. Which means that her heart gets broken all the more by Collin’s actions on the night of the Curse Keeper ritual. Now on the outs with him, Ellie is talked into going into a session with Collin only to convince him that she never wants a relationship with him again. Unfortunately, Collin wants just the opposite. But as personal secrets behind the curse get revealed, it seems that these two young Curse Keepers may not be destined for a relationship with anyone. Will they end up alone…or will the insight they gain help them forge a new and stronger bond…?

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